IT trainings

We are not done, not as yet! When we could impart trainings in so many niche areas, how could one of the fastest-growing areas of recent years, information technology get behind? Keeping an eye on the phenomenal growth in the IT industry, we have started a training portal for IT trainings, ITTrainingCenter.

A new addition to the NetZealous family that was born in 2014; ITTrainingCenter aims to impart IT-related trainings to IT professionals. Its core areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer Architecture;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Big Data;
  • Enterprise Architecture;
  • Networking Technologies;
  • Embedded Systems;
  • Mobile Computing & Telecom;
  • Systems Integration;
  • Web Technologies;
  • Social Media;
  • Open Source Technologies;
  • Project Management;
  • Business Process Management; Governance And Matrix; Agile Methodology; Application Rationalization; and
  • Product Line Architecture

A note needs to be made of the training methodology employed at ITTrainingCenter. Here, we place a high value on physical interaction between the Expert and the attendees, and hence emphasize on modes of trainings that satisfy this requirement, namely seminars and consulting. Why? Because although other mediums of imparting professional trainings are relevant and important; we believe that learning is most effective when the Expert is present at easy access to interact with and have issues and pain areas clarified.

This focus on seminars and consulting is the result of a well-thought out, deliberate and conscious strategy that we devised after continuous feedback from our clients. In our endeavor to serve our customers better, we started out on this method of trainings. In addition to seminars, we also offer Consulting.

ITTrainingCenter’s seminars

ITTrainingCenter’s seminars bring with them all the richness of the experience we have gained in organizing seminars in all our other brands: GCP, TrainHR and MentorHealth. This means that you can rest assured they are going to bring with them the collective experience of all these lines of business.