Another line of business, one more milestone

No growth-oriented organization likes to rest on its laurels. Definitely not NetZealous. Following one success after another, MentorHealth was born. This brand is an imparter of organized professional trainings in yet another prime area, healthcare.

MentorHealth organizes webinars and seminars in its areas of learning. This is a snapshot of the areas in which MentorHealth offers professional trainings:

  • Obamacare;
  • Anti-kickback statute;
  • HIPAA;
  • 21 CFR (Part 820)
  • Clinical management;
  • Data safety;
  • DEA due diligence;
  • Electronic Health Records;
  • HHS compliance;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Risk evaluation; and
  • FMEA, and much more.

Its webinars are very popular among healthcare professionals, over 10,000 of whom have made a beeline to our learning sessions. Like our other webinars, MentorHealth’s webinars add value. They enhance the professionals’ careers and help them scale peaks. Their understanding and perception of practices and regulations spike at our sessions.

With human resources being a conscious decision and favored choice; NetZealous started TrainHR in 2009 with the aim of replicating to the HR industry what it had been doing till then to the regulatory compliance industry. Mind you, this was within a few months of having established an altogether new business. Isn’t that some alacrity!

Predictably, all that GlobalCompliancePanel achieved in its area, TrainHR was set to do in its own. After all, it had a platform and a pedigree. As expected, TrainHR too, started with a bang, drawing in global experts and professionals to the area of HR trainings. It soon became a destination for all enthusiastic HR professionals eager to learn more about their profession and fine-tune their skills. Imparting knowledge about regulations as well as insights into how to resolve complex issues concerning their professions has made TrainHR a natural choice for professionals the world over.

For gaining knowledge of any area of HR or having any of their pain areas addressed, HR professionals located in many parts of the globe rely on TrainHR for specialized, niche trainings. This is just a small list of the topics for which they come to us:

  • Benefits;
  • Discrimination;
  • Documentation;
  • Harassment;
  • Occupational safety;
  • ADA;
  • FMLA; and
  • COBRA, and lots more