GlobalCompliancePanel, the beacon light of our success

From its inception in 2008, NetZealous has come a really long way. Its growth chart has consistently been on the upswing from the time of its birth. Starting with the regulatory compliance trainings brand, GlobalCompliancePanel (GCP) was just the first step. GlobalCompliancePanel was started within a fortnight of NetZealous’ founding. This first step was by no means a baby step. It turned out to be the platform for many more brands and business lines to follow.

GCP was started with the intention of providing trainings on these and other related areas of regulatory compliance:

Medical Device

Surgical Instruments


Biologics & Healthcare

Food And Beverages and

Payment Card Industry

GlobalCompliancePanel tasted rousing success right from the first medium of professional trainings: webinars. In a matter of a few months, it had gained traction as a promising provider of professional trainings in the regulatory compliance area. Organizations and individuals were flocking to it for learning more about FDA-related regulatory compliance trainings.

GlobalCompliancePanel soon became a name to reckon with in fulfilling unmet learning needs of senior professionals from blue chip and Fortune 500 companies. GlobalCompliancePanel can rightly and proudly claim to be bridging the gaps in the area of professional trainings. It has done this with a selection of the most pertinent topics for courses, offering the best qualified Expert for the respective courses, choice of the right grade of learning and option of the best suited medium of learning based on the professional’s requirements.

These trainings are imparted through these main mediums:

Web Seminar

The medium with which GlobalCompliancePanel starting imparting professional trainings; webinars constitute a major chunk of GlobalCompliancePanel’s teaching modes. Generally imparted in short durations of one hour or so; these webinars are a great way for professionals to brush up their knowledge of some of the finer elements relating to their professions. Lack of clarity about a recent regulation or doubts about the precise application of a new FDA update for instance, could be perfect examples of reasons for which our Experts could offer clarity to professionals in the regulatory industry through our webinars. Yet, our experts could also choose to teach about a topic in a general manner. In other words, our webinars are learning sessions that could be of any type. The one real factor is relevancy of these topics to the industry practices, and GlobalCompliancePanel ensures that very well.


Seminars became the next chosen method of professional trainings for GCP after the success of its webinars. To supplement its webinars, GCP chose seminars, the outstanding feature of which was the in-person, live nature of this medium. These seminars too, following in the footsteps of their predecessor, became smashing hits from the beginning. Our seminars, like our webinars, are relevant, up-to-date and lively.
Having started in Mumbai in 2010, our seminars grew from strength to strength. By the end of that year, we were conducting seminars on a wide variety of hot topics in regulatory compliance all around the globe. Mumbai made way to San Francisco, which in turn led us to Madrid, London, Tokyo, Ottawa, Sydney, Saudi Arabia, and many more prestigious destinations around the world. At all these locations, the participants are given a liberal dose of learning, which endears them to our Experts and the topic they have learnt. (Note to Shahanshah: We can insert some testimonials here)


During our interactions with professionals around the world at our seminars, we discovered that there was yet another area in which GlobalCompliancePanel could help their organizations. Based on the feedback we received from many of the participants, we realized that we could offer organizations expert trainings that were customized and tailored to their exact needs. Of course, our seminars did this, but beyond these seminars; there was a learning need for many organizations aimed at addressing the exact, pinpointed pin areas they had been facing. It is to supply this need that our Consulting arm was created. Headed by the ever-energetic expert on Quality Control and biotechnology, Dr. Steven Kuwahara, our consulting became yet another success story, mainly because they are customized to the exact needs of the organization. Today, we have a long and prestigious list of clients who have had some of their pressing problem areas addressed by our Experts.

Another feather in the cap...

With the resounding success GlobalCompliancePanel achieved in a short duration, it was natural that its founders focused on more areas of professional learning. After thoughtful consideration and insightful market research, they zeroed in on a number of other premium training areas and subjects.

With human resources being a conscious decision and favored choice; NetZealous started TrainHR in 2009 with the aim of replicating to the HR industry what it had been doing till then to the regulatory compliance industry. Mind you, this was within a few months of having established an altogether new business. Isn’t that some alacrity!

Predictably, all that GlobalCompliancePanel achieved in its area, TrainHR was set to do in its own. After all, it had a platform and a pedigree. As expected, TrainHR too, started with a bang, drawing in global experts and professionals to the area of HR trainings. It soon became a destination for all enthusiastic HR professionals eager to learn more about their profession and fine-tune their skills. Imparting knowledge about regulations as well as insights into how to resolve complex issues concerning their professions has made TrainHR a natural choice for professionals the world over.

For gaining knowledge of any area of HR or having any of their pain areas addressed, HR professionals located in many parts of the globe rely on TrainHR for specialized, niche trainings. This is just a small list of the topics for which they come to us:

  • Benefits;
  • Discrimination;
  • Documentation;
  • Harassment;
  • Occupational safety;
  • ADA;
  • FMLA; and
  • COBRA, and lots more


In taking off from GCP, offers professional trainings in all its areas of specialization through the mediums of webinars, seminars and consulting, each of which has been a grand success that has been extremely well received and popular in the industry.

TrainHR's seminars are held in global locations, just as GlobalCompliancePanel’s seminars are. These are some of the locations in which TrainHR hosts seminars that have speakers of global repute and attendees from prominent HR organizations:


United State(US)




United Kingdom(UK)


Middle East





Why should regulatory compliance training –that indispensable tool for a regulatory professional’s career advancement –have a sky-high price tag? The present scenario may make regulatory and compliance training and inexpensiveness seem oxymoronic, but not with Compliance4All.

Compliance4All, the ultimate continuing professional education provider offers you regulatory and compliance trainings from the industry’s leading experts, but with one crucial difference –the cost. Compliance4All’s objective is to be a platform that provides regulatory and compliance trainings with all the class and features that come with these trainings, at a lower price. Compliance4All seeks to make regulatory and compliance trainings low-hanging fruits.

No fib –Compliance4All is the complete destination for all that you want with regulatory trainings. You will have the same features that leading providers of regulatory and compliance trainings provide –the same world class, industry-renowned professionals, flexibility of trainings, credits for advancing your career, and a range of instruction mediums –but at a significantly lower price. Say goodbye to elitist, expensive trainings.

In addition, as an online training solutions provider that brings the world’s best known names for regulatory and compliance trainings through webinars that fill your knowledge gap; Compliance4All comes with other major benefits:

  • The webinars are simple and focused on your particular area of interest;
  • We have a panel of Experts that has vast and deep knowledge and expertise of the subject matter;
  • Our webinars foster interaction with Experts. This is a great opportunity to have all your doubts cleared;
  • Participants can participate from any part of the world.

Compliance4All has experts who share a wealth of knowledge covering best practices in industry. These trainings help participants refresh their knowledge about regulatory compliance. Our panel of Experts imparts learning on a number of areas relating to compliance, such as:

  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • PCI industries, and
  • SOX

Our webinars cover the following Governing Areas:

  • FDA
  • GxP (Manufacturing/Clinical/Lab)
  • CMDR
  • EU
  • ISO
  • SOX and
  • PCI

These are the functional areas Experts from Compliance4All offer their expertise on:

  • Regulatory
  • Clinical Trials, and
  • Quality
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